The areas of application of an animated film, whether in 2D or 3D, are so diverse that the possibilities for their use are almost unlimited. The only limit seems to be the existing budget for the production.

But we can also sit back and relax on this point. In recent years, hardware and software developments have made incredible progress, making it possible for us to produce animated films on a smaller budget.

This development plays into our hands as producers, since we are no longer so dependent on external resources.

Below you can get an overview of films that have already been produced, but also of current and future projects.

And if you are interested in cooperation, support or product placement, then do not hesitate to contact us.


Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2021 - 4:54 min

A no-budget film production that has won 17 international film festivals to date is characterized by its creative and effective storytelling, as well as convincing performances, despite the lack of large financial resources. Despite these constraints, the production has managed to captivate audiences and catch the attention of jury members, resulting in numerous awards and recognition.

Odyssey in C

Freiwasser Filmproduktion & OakStream Music Productions

2021 - 6:45 min

A German-Canadian film coproduction in which a music composition was visualized combines the creative talents and technical expertise of all involed. The production used the music as inspiration and built a unique visual world that supported and amplified the emotional intensity of the composition. Through the collaboration of German and Canadian creatives, a cinematic piece was created that captivated both the eyes and ears of the audience.


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