Building Success Together: The Power of Partnership!

The prerequisite for successful work, particularly in the field of film production, is a network of partners, supporters, and like-minded individuals.

Through my previous efforts, I have cultivated partnerships that serve as a guarantee of success for both past and future endeavors. Without these collaborative alliances, many achievements would have been unattainable, and numerous projects could not have come to fruition. I express gratitude to all the individuals I have encountered along this journey, as they have played a pivotal role in bringing me to this point.

I am confident that this marks the commencement of a long and prosperous path, and I eagerly anticipate engaging in numerous projects with these exceptional individuals.

Periklis Liakakis


Periklis Liakakis has received prizes and scholarships for his work by the City of Vienna, the City of Graz, the University of Music and the Performing Arts in Vienna, the Austrian Office of the Federal Chancellor, the Greek Friends of Classical Music Society, the Thüringen Philharmonie etc.

The growing interest for his “very unusual music language” (Thomas Daniel Schlee) that “has a very musical and distinctive sound” (Rodion Shchedrin) is revealed in his collaborations with renowned ensembles such as Ensemble Μodern Frankfurt, Ensemble “die Reihe”, the Greek National Orchestra, the Greek Radio Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble PHACE, Ensemble “Oktoplus”, Dramagraz etc.

He has been commissioned to compose works by the city of Trossingen in Germany, the Ensemble Modern International Academy, the Wiener Saxophonquartett, Sirene Operntheater etc. In 2017 his opera “Chodorkowski” was nominated as the best new production for music theatre in the Austrian Musiktheater awards. In his work he blends different musical styles such as orchestral, operatic, electronics and pop/rock.

The mix of this polystylism together with his dedication and deep understanding of the art of sound design as used in film and/or on the stage has led him to a very personal musical style. In 2016 a triple CD with 3 of his chamber operas came out on “Einklang Records” and was financed by the “Österreichische Musikfonds”. In 2017 his opera “Chodorkowski” was awarded with the prestigious Austrian “Music-Theatre Prize” (as the best independent production).

Periklis Liakakis is Senior Lecturer at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna.

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Projects planned for 2024

Juni Media


JUNIMEDIA supports you in the planning, production and support of communication campaigns.

We strategically plan and prepare the innovative and sustainable implementation of your media projects. You can expect a high level of competence, well-founded concepts and a coordinated approach from us.

Together we design, build and operate platforms on TV and the Internet and ensure the effective and target group-oriented distribution of multimedia content.

Strong partners from the region support us in this.

Common projects


Various visualizations for TV productions in 2023


Projects planned for 2024

tellheim - Benjamin Kernen


What you can expect from tellheim:

Individual advice for your CGI project

Preparation of MoCap data according to your ideas for your team for further processing

3D visualization for live or CGI films

Conception, modeling and animation of your characters, logos etc. and the respective sets for film, TV, internet

Visual storytelling

MoCap data played by actors with many years of professional experience.

If desired, also with a complete production pipeline from conception to the finished, broadcast and marketable film. Thanks to many years of experience, I have a whole team of filmmakers, actors, singers and composers at my side.

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Silvio Simac

London UK

Silvio Simac, was born in Croatia. A dedicated martial artist, Silvio trained in Taekwondo and became a world champion during his competitive years.

His film career began in 2001 on an episode of Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories (1996). Silvio’s martial arts background served him well for a part in the action film Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing (2006). He had the privilege of fighting Scott Adkins in the opening sequences of the film.

Silvio also appeared as the fighter Leon from the video game-turned action film DOA: Dead or Alive(2006).

His next notable film project was in the high-octane action feature Transporter 3(2008). Outside of acting,

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Silvio Simac Showreel 2022

Produced by Freiwasser Filmproduktion



Projects planned for 2024

CMR Medienproduktion - Christian Rühlmann

Schwanewede GERMANY

Imagine a world of film where you have no music or sounds to support the film. This would be pretty boring in the long run, even in animation and computer games you need the sound design and music to bring the whole thing to life.

CMR Medien has made it its mission to create all these sounds and music so that your production gets the perfect polish.

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Projects planned for 2024

Lucky Eagle Production


We, Lucky Eagle Production, are a young, innovative start-up in the film industry that has existed for seven years and brings inspiring stories and visions to life with a lot of passion and commitment.

In early summer 2021 we converted to a GmbH.

Our focus is on feature and cinema films as well as series productions.

But we also realize exciting and extraordinary projects in the areas of image films and commercials as well as music videos, which also pay off thanks to the content marketing expertise we bring with us.

We implement these nationally and internationally.

Common projects


World Order - Trailer

VFX by Freiwasser Filmproduktion


One Last Time - Proof of Concept

VFX by Freiwasser Filmproduktion


Day of Judgement

VFX by Freiwasser Filmproduktion


Gift of Success

VFX by Freiwasser Filmproduktion


Oak Stream Music Production - Kirk Ashley Smith

Winnipeg / Manitoba CANADA

I create great custom music and sound design. Plain and simple. Within the term “sound design,” included are the elements of dialogue and audio editing, sound effects (also known as SFX or Foley) and mixing and mastering - all to broadcast standards. And most importantly - I create sound that will enhance, support, and bring your project to an exceptional level. The audience will feel your story. Guaranteed.

With degrees in music and education, years of composing, sound technician, digital audio production and performing experience, I have over thirty-five years of relevant expertise to draw upon. Experience as a music educator and performing with several bands have given me an understanding of the subtle nuances of several instruments and genres. With proficiency on several instruments (piano, bass, guitar, drums, winds, strings, brass, & vocals) and a well-trained ear, I’m able to create exceptionally high-quality compositions, musical productions, sound designs, as well as provide exceptional dialogue and audio editing, mixing, and mastering services.

It all points to this - I am an excellent listener and strong team player - I will catch your vision and bring it to life.

Thanks for dropping by to visit, and I look forward to working with you soon. Keep being awesome!

~ Kirk Ashley Smith

Common projects


Odyssey in C

Freiwasser Filmproduktion & OakStream Music Productions

2021 - 6:45 min

Rahim Films - Mazahir Rahim

Toronto CANADA

Mazahir Rahim is an internationally awarded filmmaker from Cananda. In addition to his work as a producer and director, he is also active as an actor.

Common projects


Shubh Helping Hands

Logoanimation by Freiwasser Filmproduktion


Road to Sindh

VFX by Freiwasser Filmproduktion




Michelle Lynn Blasky Film

Eureka, CA US

Originally from Detroit, I began my filmmaking journey by creating short horror films with friends, using a video camera my dad bought me as a child. My love for movies has been a constant throughout my life. My sister Tina and I frequented theaters to watch B-movies like "Pieces," "Girls Nite Out," and "Blood Beach." During high school, I produced a 12-minute horror film about witches titled "The Talisman Girl."

Later, I pursued my passion further by attending film school in Los Angeles at Ai, where I crafted a short film called "Jimmy."

I am thrilled to have brought "The 3rd Channel" to the screen in 2023; it is a feature-length movie that marks a significant milestone in my filmmaking journey.


Common projects

 The 3rd Channel

Frank Lehmann - Producer & Visual Effects Artist



Warrior Island LLC.

Medford / New Jersey US

We are an Action Entertainment Lifestyle Brand.  We help you build the Warrior Lifestyle through our Training and Teachings, Sports Supplements, Live Entertainment and amazing comics, TV shows and Movies.  We teach you to live like a Warrior and Follow the Code!  FOLLOW THE CODE is a way of life that everyone can learn in the Warrior Island Universe so we can all Change Humanity together. 

We are interrupters in the Sports Entertainment World and major influences for social change, The Warrior Island Universe takes place on a mysterious island. Grand Masters of martial arts teach the Tiki Code to Warriors from around the world.

Common projects


Warrior Island TV Movie

Tiki - Animation by Freiwasser Filmproduktion




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