The applications of animated films, whether in 2D or 3D, are incredibly diverse, with nearly unlimited possibilities for their use. The only constraint appears to be the available budget for production.

Fortunately, I can take comfort in the recent advancements in hardware and software over the years, which have made remarkable progress. This progress allows me to create animated films even with a more modest budget.

As a producer, this development works in my favor, reducing our dependence on external resources. Below, you can find an overview of previously produced projects.

If you are interested in collaboration, support, or product placement, please feel free to reach out.


Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2021 - 4:54 min

A no-budget film production that has won 17 international film festivals to date is characterized by its creative and effective storytelling, as well as convincing performances, despite the lack of large financial resources. Despite these constraints, the production has managed to captivate audiences and catch the attention of jury members, resulting in numerous awards and recognition.

Odyssey in C

Freiwasser Filmproduktion & OakStream Music Productions

2021 - 6:45 min

A German-Canadian film coproduction in which a music composition was visualized combines the creative talents and technical expertise of all involed. The production used the music as inspiration and built a unique visual world that supported and amplified the emotional intensity of the composition. Through the collaboration of German and Canadian creatives, a cinematic piece was created that captivated both the eyes and ears of the audience.

The 3rd Channel

Michelle Blasky Film US

2023 - 01:00:44 min

Jessica Kelly, 24, is a recent mechanical engineering graduate working a dead end job until a mysteriously charming businessman shows up at her work telling her about a very odd inheritance. Conflicted when her own investigation leads her back to her family's history, her life is about to change forever.

Producer / Visual Effects Artist - Frank Lehmann


Never Say Never

Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2023 - 9:00 min

Musician James Diehl is having a hard to finishing his new song. He runs into and makes mad Zingara the Gypsy. Will he finish the song or did she curse him? Only time will tell but, Never Say Never.

Associate Producer / Animation Department / Visual Effects - Frank Lehmann

Werewolf Cabal

Black Coppice Films GB

2022 - 01:45:50 min

An American author travels to a small rural town in the UK. During his stay, he uncovers a cabal who worship Lycanthrope.

Associate Producer - Frank Lehmann

Future thoughts

Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2021 - 1:10 min

This is a short working study on the topic of image manipulation and visual effects from 2022.

Road to Sindh

Mazahir Rahim RAHIMS Filmproduction CANADA

2022 - 34:16 min

Sindh, in Pakistan, has been a hotbed of atrocities for a very long time. Young Hindu girls are Kidnapped, converted and sold into prostitution. People who dare to protest simply vanish. The government has cut off the waters of the Indus river to the people of Sindh. These and many other provocations forced the lovers of Sindh to form a protest group from members all over the world. As a part of this protest, Sufi Laghari with a team of 4 members undertook a walk from Toronto to Ottawa to protest against the mauling of their motherland by Pakistan.

Visual Effects by Frank Lehmann

Shubh Helping Hands

Mazahir Rahim RAHIMS Filmproduction CANADA

2022 - 27:31 min

As covid-19 hit it impacted the senior community more than anyone else. The team at Shubh Helping Hands helped seniors overcome the challenges of isolation, fear, loneliness, poor dietary habits and lack of motivation and mental health.

Logo-Animation by Frank Lehmann

Our blue planet

Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2012 - 1:36 min

This short film encourages contemplation on the current state of our civilization, emphasizing that we hold our destiny in our own hands.

The most beautiful port cities in Europe

Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2021 - 3:25 min

This short film presents Europe's most beautiful port cities in a unique manner. The zoom from space adds an element of excitement to the experience, taking the viewer on a captivating adventure.


Freiwasser Filmproduktion

2012 - 5:33 min

"Moondog" is one of the initial short film productions from 2012. During that period, I was in the experimental phase with 3D animations and visual effects. As evident, the development in these areas had not reached full maturity at that time.


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